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Starting The Day At This Coffee Station!

What could be better than a coffee bar but a coffee bar with floating shelves! Adding a coffee bar is a great way to add function and style to this all white kitchen. They can be any size. In this space, I took an awkward little angled corner and designed a sweet little coffee bar.

For many of us, a cup of coffee is exactly what we need to jump start our day. A coffee bar is a great way to showcase the one thing we can't do without. Reusing an old dresser or cart is a great and stylish option for a coffee bar, but if space is limited, a counter top bar works just as well. In both of the kitchen projects shown here, I used the counter top, removed upper cabinets, and added floating shelves to create the coffee bar. It is a great way to showcase favorite mugs and how much quicker to grab, pour, and go? Have some fun with it with quirky quote signs, mugs, or fresh flowers.

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