Discovery Call

Contact me and we'll determine the scope of your project .

We'll go through a short list of questions to discuss your project, timeline, needs, likes, dislikes, and budget. 

The Consultation

Great! You'd like to hear more from us!

The consultation includes a 1 1/2 hour onsite walk through to discuss your project, design concerns, & preliminary budget.

After the in person consultation, I will submit via email a proposal based on your project needs. 

Full Service Design 

Our clients who want to move forward and book the full service design with us can expect the next step to be a meeting with the contractor if needed, design concept presentation, including 3D rendering, layout/floor plan, samples, mood board, paint selection and estimated budget for the project. A design proposal is included and once approved, the design begins! Orders are placed and every detail managed until your customized design is complete!